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Learn how to paint realistic, still life or landscapes from life or photos in either oils or acrylics. 


During the first class, I will go over preparing your painting, how to set up your pallet, basic drawing and painting skills, different techniques that are used for in acrylic or oils. How to protect your oils and acrylics so they don’t dry out on the palette in between painting. I work in both acrylics and oils, oils will take longer to dry and I might suggest acrylics first and then move to oils, but your choice. You will also learn to correctly take care of your brushes.


During the second class, we will start your own painting from a photo with guided assistance. You will learn how to prepare your canvas, sketch on the canvas to follow for painting, under painting, proportions, highlights, shadows, reflections and how to mix colors. 


The third class, we will continue your painting with individual guidance and live painting examples by Mary to exactly show you how to paint successfully.


Fourth class: For those who need more guidance, we will continue to work on your painting. If you have completed the first project, I will show you how to easily paint an abstract landscape; with or without a reference photo.



Artists need to choose whether they want to paint in acrylics or oils.  


For Acrylics: 

• A palette – I will show you in the first class the box and palette needed

• Acrylic paints – I will show you how to mix almost every color with only 5 paints. I suggest inexpensive acrylics until you decide to continue to work in acrylics or not. You can buy other colors if you like.


• Cadmium red (either light or medium) 

• Cadmium yellow 

• Ultramarine Blue

• Titanium White

• Mars Black



• Alizarin Crimson 

• Yellow Ocre 


• Pre-primed canvas – size 12” x 16”, 11”x 14” or similar 

• Brushes - different sizes, short bristles - until you are proficient, I suggest less expensive brushes 

• Small container with lid for water 

• BOUNTY Paper towels - must be Bounty!



For Oils: 

Same as above other instead of water - orderless mineral spirits and Liquin Medium (makes the paint dry faster)


I supply; photos to work from, live still life, transfer materials and amusement while learning

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