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What is a Giclée and Why is It Valuable?

In its most basic definition, giclée is a French term for a “high quality reproduction”. It references the process that produces the finest quality of a reproduction of an original painting. It is important to note that not all prints are giclée prints. With giclée printing, you get a product that is as close to the original painting; printed on canvas, watercolor paper or photo paper depending on the original piece of art. These reproductions will last as long as an original pastel would if they are taken care of; we varnish all our canvas giclées.

All my reproductions are printed on canvas or linen - like the original painting. Pastel reproductions are printed on watercolor paper which has the similar texture of the Pastelmat and maintains the details of the original art.

Paintings are all hand varnished and signed individually by the artist. Not only does this protect your art, but it gives texture that is sometimes impossible to tell the original from the print. The last exciting benefit is that we can deliver a size to fit your needs. If you have a small area, we can deliver a smaller reproduction. Want a painting that covers your wall? Our giclées can go as large as 36"x48". Not every size can fit a standard size, but we'll let you know before the order so framing isn't a problem.


If you want a frame that we don't offer, no problem! We'll deliver a stretched, unframed print and you can frame it or leave as is. 


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